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Cannabis in Exercise Science and Performance


On Tuesday April 5 IHN hosted a 1 hour webinar with Dr. Shawn Meirovici ND when he discussed the use of cannabis in sport! Once again, during the most recent summer Olympic games, the world witnessed controversy surrounding the use of cannabis as a performance enhancing drug. Robin Williams is famously quoted as saying “the only way marijuana is performance enhancing is if there is a big Hershey bar at the finish line”. Cannabis has been banned by the world anti-doping agency since 2004 but the question of it being a real performance enhancer is still debated. In this webinar we look at the science surrounding cannabis in sport.

You Will Learn:

• The history of cannabis in sport
• Is cannabis associated with lack of motivation and weight gain?
• Cannabis use among athletes
• Arguments for and against cannabis as a performance enhancing drug
• Cannabis in sport recovery

Webinar Giveaway:

Those in attendance received a one-time 20% discount on initial consultations for new patients or follow-up consultations for existing patients. Only LIVE attendees who are with us until the end of Shawn’s presentation were eligible for the offer.

Understanding Cannabis in Clinical Practice

Dr. Shawn Meirovici ND

Since 2010, Dr. Shawn Meirovici ND has been a pioneering force behind the naturopathic treatment of disabling neurological conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, and Stroke. His primary practice operates out of “Physio-Logic”, Toronto’s premiere neurological rehabilitation clinic. Dr. Shawn is one of the first Naturopathic Doctors to educate patients on using Medicinal Cannabis and acquiring an access to cannabis for medical purposes. He is the medical advisor for the Cannabis Cooking Company and is frequently asked to lecture on the topic of cannabis for groups and schools. Shawn teaches Understanding Cannabis in Clinical Practice in The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Continuing Education Department.

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