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Town Hall: Cannabis law in New York


Joe Schafer, an associate attorney with Lippes Mathias, has been following all the developments with the new cannabis law in New York.
The first licenses to sell recreational marijuana in New York will go to people who were casualties of the war on drugs, state officials said Wednesday.
People with marijuana-related convictions will get dibs on the first 100 to 200 retail cannabis licenses awarded by the state in an effort to redress the inequities of a justice system that locked up a disproportionate number of people of color for drug crimes.
Some licenses will go to nonprofits or businesses who have a leader linked to a marijuana conviction. Priority also will be given to people with a parent, legal guardian, child or spouse convicted of a marijuana-related offense.
Gov. Kathy Hochul was set to announce the planned regulations for “social equity” applicants Thursday.


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