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CBD and Its Effectiveness For Pain and in Aesthetics with Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi


In today’s podcast, Dr. Ghozland sits down with renowned Facial Plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi to discuss the role of CBD in surgery and aesthetics. First, they discuss Dr. Karimi’s background including his work with Rhinoplasties, neck lifts, and other facial procedures. They also talk about their history together, including Dr. Ghozland’s delivery of his son and time Dr. Karimi spent in the lab with Dr. Ghozland giving advice on facial procedures.

From there, they dive into the science of where CBD comes from, different types of Cannabinoids (Endogenous, Phyto, Synthetic), and setbacks that CBD has suffered in public discourse due to lack of regulation and standardization. Dr. Karimi explains how his products, HealMD, are different, the benefits he has seen in his practice from post-op pain relief to skincare, acne control, and more.

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