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CBD Math 101: "Vapes in 'g', Edibles in 'mg', and oils in 'ml' – help!?" Part 2 of 5 in series.


Really – you can’t figure this out easily!? You’re not alone!! So here’s the deal…you get a cannabis / CBD prescription in Canada as a maximum allotment per month and that is in ‘grams’. But…. some formats (like cannabis vapes & CBD isolate powders are in ‘grams’, edibles & capsules are in ‘mg’, and oils are in ‘ml’. And then – you’re supposed to figure out on your own how many ‘mg’ to take daily.

For most people figuring this out makes their head spin. And we’re not going to sugar-coat it – figuring out your daily dose for cannabis / CBD can be really confusing if math isn’t your thing. That’s why we’ve made this CBD Math series with videos (and as blogs on our website) to help you step by step and to MAKE IT EASY!

This particular video in the CBD Math series goes over:
– each format (vape, spray, oil, etc) and how it is commonly measured and how to figure that out as a ‘mg’ so you can know how much to take per day.

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Flowers/Isolates
0:46 – PreRolls/Vapes
1:16 – Math Formula
1:42 – Pulls?
1:59 – Capsules/Edibles
2:24 – Topicals
2:51 – Oils
3:14 – Oil drops?
3:29 – Outro


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