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High at 9 News : September 12th 2022


Welcome to the High at 9 News Hour where you will hear from cannabis industry experts and professionals from around the country talk about important topics while shining light on global issues and discussing cannabis as it relates to….

Politics, Regulation & Reform. Data & Technology, Science, Research & Medicine. Family & Parenting. Art, Celebs & Entertainment. Fitness, Sports, Mental Health & Wellness. Plant Based Medicines & Enthogenics

Together we are building a stronger community, fighting the stigma & creating change. With your hosts, Jason Beck, Rico Lamitte & Nichole West, joined by special industry expert correspondents from around the country & daily antics brought to you by cannabis. Coming to you Live Monday – Friday at 9 am Pacific time. Thank you for getting High at 9 with us!

Today’s Cast and Guest appearances

Rico Lamitte
Jason Beck
Nichole West
True Classic Ad
Gretchen Gailey
Dr. Felecia L Dawson MD
Liz Grow

Today’s Stories

– All Female Speakers For CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo

– Campaigns for and against recreational marijuana are in full force, and a new field office has opened in Rapid City

– Europe’s Call for Medical Cannabis Sees South Africa Firm Thrive

– Senator Says Marijuana Banking Bill Will Help Lightbulb
Manufacturers And Others Outside Of Cannabis Industry

– Study: Cannabis More Effective Than Prescription Drugs For Pregnancy-Related Nausea

– Hemp was supposed to save Texas farmers during a drought. It hasn’t yet.


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