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💥💥PROFIT BOOK💥💥💪🤠 Friday Night Group Book Time Let's Gooooo #wescratch


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Omni Razor Affiliate: https://omnishaver.com?aff=36 Use: itsjbtv10 code save 10%

I am now an affiliate for KS Resin Epoxy if you are looking for a great epoxy for any arts and crafts, tumblers, countertops etc. Please use the link to save on each purchase. Use promo code itsjbtv to save on your order. https://bit.ly/3rfn5iV

Hand made tumblers ITSJBTV Tumblers. Please message me on Facebook Jimmie Brown Jr Itsjbtv or email me itsjbtv22@gmail.com if you are interested in having a tumbler made for you. I am making 20oz, 30oz, 32oz and koozies. 20oz start at $30, 30oz start at $40, 32oz start at $45 and koozies start at $40. Shipping is added to the buyer if you are not local. I ship in medium and large if it fits it ships boxes. My new Website: https://itsjbtv22.wixsite.com/website

Golf Clash Community – Scratch off Community – Blind food challenges – Live Keno play at Hard Rock in Tampa, Florida – Family, Fun & Friends – EVERYONE in my chat/streams are family.

Please subscribe, ring the bell, all thumbs up are greatly appreciated. Let’s have some fun 🙂

Join me on Facebook: Jimmie Brown Jr Itsjbtv
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/itsjbtv
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/itsjbtv
Email: itsjbtv22@gmail.com

#19th Family member Streamers:

Jimmie Brown ITSJBTV – https://www.youtube.com/itsjbtv

Paws & Putts (Team Leader ) (Rookie Pro Expert & Master)

GC Jason (Master Beast) https://youtube.com/c/GCJason

Ram (T12 Master) https://youtube.com/channel/UCE57F0pJH6ez58Uop3tgaqQ

Mouthstick Gaming (Master Stick) https://youtube.com/c/MouthStickGaming

Jon Boy Gaming ( Tour Play All levels) https://youtube.com/c/JonBoyGaming

Vladimir (Master Beast) https://youtube.com/c/VladimirKostadinov

Fun & James (Expert) https://youtube.com/c/FunJames8675309

Santos GTP (Pro & Expert) https://youtube.com/c/SantosGTP

Tink Tink (Tour 7 & 8 & 9) https://youtube.com/c/JohnnyTinkTinkMobley

Rockwood (Pro & Expert) https://youtube.com/c/RockWoodGC


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