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9-18-22 Sunday Night AstroLive — Red Heiffers, September 24th & Prince William's Chart


On this version of Sunday Night AstroLive, we look at the dreaded September 24th chart, which from this perspective looks somewhat ominous. We break it down and look at what we might do in the light of what some people are calling a “global event.”

We link it up to the start of the Jewish cycle of atonement, from Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur, also connected to the “Shmita Cycle.” Israel, on the 24th has it’s nodal return in coincidentally the sign of Taurus.

We also look at Trump’s chart also as it relates to the chart of Israel which is a hand-in-glove fit as Trump also plays a role in the rise of the third temple.

The week ahead also gets featured, especially the last Balsamic Moon of the spring/summer cycle in Leo then on the 24th in Virgo.

My description of the energy of the 24th.
As most of you are well aware, this is the turning of the season and we in the northern hemisphere get closer to the dark. Retrograde is heavily featured in this chart with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron, all in retrograde motion. The energies seem to be torquing away from the center (Terra) on both sides of the solar plane. The geocosmic effect is one of considerable tension and since the outer planets tend to reflect institutions and collective energy. are we looking at reversal of fortunes? The unwinding of gains that have been accrued over the last seventy-years in postwar America?

Sitting behind the Sun we see again, a retrograde Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Virgo and the balsamic Moon, also in Virgo. This Moon is dissipative and there must be some form of release and letting go. Here in Virgo, the emotional need for perfection and order has to be surrendered. There’s no holding on. All four luminaries, Sun/Merc/Venus/Moon are opposed to Neptune in Pisces. This transit/aspect brings a bottoming out effect with it. Neptune is like a whirling vortex that drains planets of their life force, spent and rendered inert when in opposition. Since the majority of these planets are in Virgo, which is about holding onto things like logic and reason, right out of the gate, this is not a good sign.

Worst case scenario is the complete abandonment of reason and a descent into a type of madness and heightened social frenzy where people are looking squarely for blame. This is the hunt for scapegoats. The best case scenario is that we tell ourselves it’s not that bad and it’s better to find some balance (Libra 1) than watching everything be drained away. With Venus in it’s Fall and the normally logical, if critical Moon in Virgo in this mix, even the stoic might find cause to weep. This is just for starters as Jupiter makes it all bigger, expanding it’s influence and as we’ve seen with this Jupiter retrograde in Aries, the martial forces of law enforcement have been reversed. Instead of protection and security looking outward at potential challenges and threats, Jupiter reversed looks inward. The violent forces that threaten sanctity are no longer out there, but in here. This has been what’s on the table since Biden’s speech, announcing that the greatest threat to our security is the MAGA Republicans. And this is just for starters.

I try to pump the brakes on doom, and even with the grand Earth trine, there’s so much tension in this chart. Mars in Gemini squaring the Moon and Venus is frustration, anger and conflict. Gemini is a sign that is noted for pushing buttons to get a reaction but this is more than that. This is an invocation of provocation.

Then we have Saturn squaring Uranus. Uranus wants to tear it all down while Saturn wants to impose more order on top of a situation that is rapidly accelerating out of control. Cooler heads might prevail with all that Virgo and the balance of newly anointed Libra, but that’s asking a lot from a chart filled with so much tension and the draining of resources.

Clearly, there’s something in the air on this day. We’ll see it soon enough.

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