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Cannabis Psychedelics with Andrea Shuman


Andrea Shuman-Arevalo is a trained Ayurvedic practitioner, master herbalist, and bodyworker for over 25 years, starting in massage therapy at only 17 years old. She is a professional natural product formulator and the Founder of mycrodrops.com. Andrea studied at the California College of Ayurveda from 2007-2010 and did her post-graduate work in fertility and postpartum care.
Andrea has used and continues to use Microdosing for deep healing of her lineage and personal trauma, while also using entheogens as a technology to evolve and become a better parent and human continually. She has been working with Psychedelics in some capacity for almost 30 years and is on a mission to smash the patriarchy in healthcare by empowering women to take control of their own narratives and stories and providing products and technologies that assist in this goal.
Andrea has been a product developer and research and development consultant in the Cannabis Industry and is currently focused on developing products and technologies that make microdosing psychedelics easier, more effective and more accessible to women and femmes and especially busy and stressed Moms.
What are mycrodrops?
Mycrodrops, are powerful, tasty elixirs that can be added to coffee, tea, smoothies, and water as a pleasurable sub for pills and tinctures, dropped in June and her next products include Dose-It-Yourself microdosing kits to take the guesswork and expense out of microdosing. Please review Mycrodrops FAQ


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