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Earth: More Killer Than Mother | On The World's Deadliest Rocks & Minerals


Materials scientist, Christopher Rankin, Ph.D. presents the most dangerous minerals in the world.

Sometimes it seems like Earth is the sweetest and most hospitable oasis, a true mother to humanity. However, Earth has dark side and kills far more than it allows to survive. Even the rocks, the Earth itself, can be as toxic as the worst industrial waste sites. There are rocks sitting out there that contain minerals that have racked up a serious body count over the years.

Here is the list in order of capacity for most death and terror:

11. Arsenopyrite
10. Hutchinsonite
9. Orpiment
8. Crocidolite – Blue Asbestos
7. Chrysotile – White Asbestos
6. Erionite
5. Phenacite
4. Potassium feldspar
3. Cinnabar
2. Stibnite
1. Quartz

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