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How To Make Cannabis Butter and Why You Should (or shouldn't) Add Water


This video is intended for adult use in areas where cannabis use is legal. Please respect your local laws.

Hi Everyone!

Good canna-butter matters and there are some direct ways to ensure the quality of your final result.

– Temperature control: Maintaining a consistent temperature while preventing searing (from direct contact with the heat source) helps keep your cannabinoids and terpenes intact.
Overheating not only damages potency but also causes very dark, weedy flavoured butter.

– Processing: Decarb, infuse, rough strain, chill, scrap, melt, fine strain, final set (scraping again if needed).
It seems extra fussy, but it’ll leave you with a beautiful, lightly flavoured result. Which means your edibles will taste as amazing as they feel.

– Water reason 1: Adding water allows the naturally occurring dairy proteins and moisture content to remain in the butter. This can be important for certain recipes and flavour profiles.
Not adding the water creates ghee (clarified butter) which has little to no remaining dairy or moisture. This allows for greater shelf stability and is important for certain dietary needs.
Both methods work very well for infusion making this a personal choice.

Water reason 2: The water pooling underneath your finished butter gives somewhere for your plant matter to settle into. Whether or not that means processing is any easier is up for debate.

-Allow your butter to settle for a few minutes before pouring into moulds: It will help concentrate the remaining plant matter. Making it easier to separate. You’ll notice in the video I only showed the bottom of a couple bricks. That’s because the rest were fine and didn’t need further scraping.

-Straining through 2 layers of paper coffee filters is the best way to ensure all the plant matter is removed, but I don’t recommend it: It takes a lot of extra work and keeping the butter warm enough to melt through is tasking. However, it is worth it for those people that have an issue where the remaining trichomes irritate the lining of the stomach, causing distress when consuming edibles.

-Use the correct amount of cannabis for YOUR needs!!! (find this info on a handy fridge magnet @ cannahow.ca/shop/)

Here’s an estimated result of mg/ml for the standard amounts in 1 1/4 cup of butter:
7g @ 20% = 4.25mg/ml butter OR 21.25mg/tsp butter
14g @ 20% = 8.5mg/ml butter OR 42.5mg/tsp butter
28g @ 20% = 17mg/ml butter OR 85mg/tsp butter

– Save all remains for other recipes!! It may be weak, but it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals!!


7-28g Dried Cannabis Flower- Decarbed (follow this link for decarbing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxdwCa-_kRQ&t=1s )
1 1/4 Unsalted Butter
5-15ml Lecithin (optional)

-Steep in a water bath @ 82C/180F for 3-5 hours
-Check temp and shake well every hour
-Scrape again if needed
-Save all remaining plant matter for use in other recipes ( if desired)

Check out my other resources to help customize your cannabis experience!!

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