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We're Doomed | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast Episode 228


We really hope you like the Horizon series, because a new rumor from a reliably-placed source indicates that much, much more of it is coming. There are purportedly five Horizon projects in the works: Call of the Mountain on PSVR2, some sort of Zero Dawn remake for PS5, the inevitable third game in the core trilogy, a Netflix series, and now an MMORPG from South Korean firm NCSoft. Meanwhile, a journalist attempts to race-bait Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida, and Naughty Dog hires the renowned creator of Fortnite’s monetization system. But this episode’s doomish vibe really begins with Doom itself, since renowned franchise composer Mick Gordon nukes id Software from space in a sprawling, 14,000 word document chock-full of receipts. In addition to other news, we round out our show with questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, and ideas, as we always do. Topics this week include a revitalized Sonic the Hedgehog, the potential of PlayStation Stars, the disparity in pricing between physical and digital software, and a rant about “with no ice,” which is how all soft drinks should rightly be ordered.

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:20:58 – A small correction
0:23:15 – Is Dustin actually funny?
0:32:00 – Was that shit?
0:38:39 – Sacred in the national archives
0:39:32 – Ice or no ice?
0:48:40 – Mick Gordon finally fires back at Marty Stratton
1:11:17 – There’s drama surrounding Final Fantasy XVI
1:32:04 – Returnal’s PC announcement appears to be getting closer
1:32:25 – Death Stranding has surpassed 10 million players
1:32:48 – Lionsgate wants a John Wick game
1:38:14 – EA spills info about Mass Effect 4
1:46:42 – Take Two has revealed their quarterly earnings
1:47:15 – Transparency laws are giving us a view of game developer salaries
1:55:36 – Meta has laid off 14% of its workforce
1:56:25 – Stranger Things VR may be on its way to PSVR2
1:57:40 – Could Diablo IV release in April?
2:00:04 – The Prince of Persia remake is indefinitely delayed
2:02:05 – What have we been playing?
2:18:45 – PlayStation may have outsourced a AAA Horizon MMO
2:38:12 – A monetization designer has joined the Naughty Dog team
2:47:31 – Modern Warfare 2 has made a ton of money, and more content could be on the way
3:00:43 – PlayStation Plus’ November offerings have been revealed
3:16:05 – Is Sony being too quiet?
3:23:52 – When will Sonic fans stop winning?
3:28:34 – Does Sony have more to show for PSVR2?
3:32:42 – Is price a good reason to buy physical games instead of going digital?
3:42:55 – Which dragon game would we recommend?
3:44:51 – How could Sony further build on the Trophy system?


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