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PCOS hirsutism | v-steaming | Dandelion | endocrine disruptors |Period Problems Podcast ❤️ Ep 3


Episode 3 of the Period Problems Podcast topics:

– We explore natural ways to reduce unwanted hair growth in PCOS
– I answer an FAQ about v-steaming
– We unpack an article challenging menstrual health in the workplace
– We discover the hormone health benefits of dandelions, and
– We take a closer look at endocrine disrupting chemicals in our household and personal care products.

In this episode of the Period Problems Podcast, we’re talking about PCOS and excess hair growth, the pros and cons of v-steaming, dandelion and our hormones and endocrine disrupting chemicals.

PCOS is a whole body condition that affects your hormones and can cause a host of challenges including excess hair growth, hair loss on your head, weight gain, irregular periods and other symptoms. Understanding how to address the underlying root cause of your PCOS symptoms is key to managing this syndrome naturally.

V-steaming is all the rage these days with top celebrities raving about it. But how does it actually work (if at all) and what are the potential pros and cons?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals can mess with your hormones and lead to health problems (including PCOS). We also discuss how to spot these harmful chemicals so that you reduce your risk.

If you’re looking for tips on how to deal with PCOS hair growth and a whole lot more, be sure to check out episode 3 of the Period Problems Podcast!

I hope you enjoy this episode 💞

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