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Hybrid Farms: Dr. Robb Farms and Palomar Craft Cannabis (Canna Cribs)

Hybrid Farms: Dr. Robb Farms and Palomar Craft Cannabis (Canna Cribs)

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In this episode Nate visits two farms for the first time;
We go behind the grow operation with Dr. Robb Farms and Palomar Craft Cannabis.

We take a look at a great hybrid farm which integrates the best of both worlds, indoor and outdoor cannabis.

Learn with him about the history, techniques and equipment that make Dr. Robb and Palomar a top of the line cannabis enterprise.

From Propagation through packaging, Canna Cribs and Growers Network are thrilled to give you another inside look at the people, methods, and products the country’s top growers use to produce top-quality, legal cannabis.

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Table of contents:

00:00 Opening
00:42 Cannacribs intro
01:18 Dr. Robb Farms Background
03:53 Hybrid Indoor
06:24 Propagation with Zack Newman
09:32 Strain Review Powered by HydroFarm
10:35 Vegetation
12:57 Lights with Dr. Robb
17:48 Protip by Dr. Robb
20:08 Processing with Paul Jacobson from Rove
21:15 Cannabis videographers in their natural habit
22:15 Palomar Craft Cannabis
22:50 Origin story with Kyle Castanon
24:36 Propagation
26:30 Strain Review powered by Hydrofarm
27:51 Vegetation and Flower
32:27 Data analytics
34:10 Branding with Kristen Kress
35:59 The End

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